Weekly Online Coaching

Weekly Online Coaching is our comprehensive service for powerlifters of all levels.

We believe that effective coaching goes beyond writing amazing programmes.

We take a very personal approach to coaching so that we can build better relationships with our clients.

We help with managing life outside of training so that we can maximise information in order to make the best decisions.

What you can expect from us


Your body is an incredibly complex system and this affects your readiness to train on a regular basis. This is why training is prescribed on a weekly basis.

We do not design training for you; we design the training with you. We take ownership in making sure the training that you do is something that you can adhere to because at the end of the day – consistency is key!


We believe in flexible dieting and maximising variety in food groups so that we can minimise risk of deficiency in micronutrients. What we offer is structure and management around calorie and protein intake. We believe all food groups can be healthily incorporated into a diet.

If you want support with nutrition, we go through an assessment phase where we establish the relationship of your bodyweight and your nutritional intake. Once we establish some data, we use that as a means of setting intake objectives.

Technique and Movement Quality

Technique and movement quality is equally as important managing training quantity. Moving well will minimise injury risk so that you can maximise longevity in the sport.

Along with a selection of movement assessments, we also use software to analyse the lift kinematics and biomechanics of the athlete. The coach’s subjective perspective can only go so far therefore to use technology to enrich the coaching process by getting rid of guesswork.

Training Recovery and Lifestyle Management

We take pride using an in-house purpose built dashboard for lifestyle and training management.

We use an evidence based approach by using data to inform our practices. This also includes using information that we believe is most sensitive to performance based on our years of professional experience.

  • Schedule appointment for free initial video call

  • Submit requested video footage and fill out application form

  • Have the free initial video call

    We aim to get to know the you as much as possible from the requested footage and application form, as well as talking to you to understand you more. You will get to find out how I would approach coaching you. After this call, you can decide whether to commit to start the coaching process.

  • Initial coaching and walkthrough video call

  • Coaching process begins and receive training

  • Athlete trains and progresses – coach makes any necessary midweek modification

  • Athlete updates coach by the end of the week (Video Call only with Online Coaching Plus)

  • Coaching process repeats!

Want to speak to us in person to find out more?

Contact us to schedule a free consultation!

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