What We Offer

Performance Assessment Consultation

This is a new exclusive service for anyone who is interested in obtaining a full comprehensive review of their training. You will get a full biomechanical breakdown and technique assessment with a visual kinematic assessment. We will also draw from your previous training history to make a proposal for your future training intervention.

This service will be most useful for individuals who want expert guidance in how they should train whilst still self-managing their own training.

Weekly Online Coaching

This is the more popular and most comprehensive package. Weekly Online Coaching and Weekly Online Coaching Plus serve to work closely with athletes on a regular basis with management of their training, nutrition and lifestyle. We believe in taking a very personal approach to coaching and adopt their values and goals within the process. We individualise training to autoregulate on weekly performance and pay very close attention to technique. We use a very unique monitoring system to maximise what we can control so that we can maximise performance.

This service is suitable for powerlifters of all levels.

Performance Assessment Consultation
  • $170 USB or £60 GBP
  • Visual Kinematic Analysis
  • Comprehensive Breakdown and Explanation of Analysis
  • Individual Needs Analysis
  • Proposal for Long Term Training
  • Specific Movement Prescription
  • PDF Report of Performance Review
  • 15 min Preliminary Video Consultation
  • 45 min Walkthrough Video Consultation
Weekly Online Coaching (Price per Month)
  • $170 USD or £120 GBP
  • Visual Kinematic Analysis
  • Access to Monitoring Dashboard
  • Weekly Training Prescription
  • Individualised Movement and Accessories
  • Mid-week Reactive Training Adjustment
  • Competition Preparation Plan
  • Weekly Macronutrient Prescription
  • Direct E-mail/WhatsApp messaging response
  • Weekly 45 min Video Check-In

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