I attribute my success and growth as a coach to certain moments in my life and I dedicate this page to key individuals that had that impact on me.

Jordan Lam – For being the genesis of my coaching career and opening the first doors that have launched my career.

Rachel Atemie – For ruthless positivity, unstoppable energy and saying the right things at the right time.

Mark Morrison – For mentoring me as an S&C coach, teaching me what it means to have an athlete centred approach and supporting me when I most needed.

Kaminh Lee – For friendship, brutally honest conversations and good times over Korean food.

Lawrence Farncombe, Pete Sparks, Jason Coultman, Henry Tosh – For opening doors to the international stage of powerlifting and showing me the philosophy of and excellence in game day coaching to which I still hold. Konichiwa, Pete.

Jordan B Peterson – For personal responsibility, ownership of fate and reminding me to pursue meaning.

Sabrina Shah – For being at the right place at the right time.

Jun Jie Ng – For friendship, showing me what benevolence looks like and pursuing excellence.

UCL Barbell Club, KCL Barbell Club and QMUL Barbell Club – For giving me the opportunity to grow and develop as a coach and opportunities to exercise leadership. For fun times and great adventures in the IPF University World Cup events.

Everyone I have ever coached – My career exists because you exist.

Liz, my wife – For being my greatest support, keeping me accountable and best friend.

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